It feels like Jolene (formerly Mari) has always been a part of our family, as she fit pretty seamlessly into our lives from the get go. I’m convinced that my older male cat Marvin thinks that she’s his baby – he loves her and you will rarely see one without the other trailing close behind. I introduced her to my pitbull, Blue, gradually over the first few months of taking her home so as to not scare her (he sometimes forgets he is 75lbs!) by giving her space and lots of places to climb. I think as Jolene started seeing Marvin wasn’t afraid of Blue, she started slowly coming around him more and more on her own. Fast forward six months, and they are now all best buds! Most afternoons you can catch the three of them sleeping on our living room couch until I’m done working for the day. Jolene is a cute, spunky little lady and we couldn’t be happier we decided to adopt her!