Jasper is doing great. We did not change his name. I felt bad doing so since he’s not very young and responds so well to his name. He adjusted well and made himself right at home. He loves to go on walks around the neighborhood, go play with his toys, and always being right next to you. If we play video games on the couch, he snuggles right in between on the couch. He thinks he’s a lap dog. He also loves the snow and gets so excited. He loves my daughters, they are 17 and 20. They both adore him so much that they worked out a sleep schedule so they can alternate who’s bed he sleeps in at night lol. We have 2 cats in the home, both from the Dan Cosgrove animal shelter that we got prior to Jasper.  One is around 3 years old and the other is around 1.  They are getting along fine. He has no health issues that we are aware of. . . . He’s doing really good and he hasn’t met a person he hasn’t liked. He loves attention. He demands that you pet him and when you stop, he paws you to start again or nudges you with his head. He’s smart and listens to many commands like sit, stay, paw and even high five. . . . He’s a really great dog.