Jackie Robinson

Jackie is doing very well. We’ve kept her name, Jackie Robinson, the same. It gets a lot of attention and we like it.

She has adjusted very well to her new home. That very first night she was already sleeping right next to us. She has had one veterinarian visit and had a clean check up with no issues. We did get her microchipped so that we could find her should she ever get outside and get lost. She has adjusted well to her dry food, and she loves the wet food that we give her once a day in the evening when we all sit down to dinner. She learned to use her litter box before the end of the first day we brought her home.

She has had a few limited interactions with my in-laws small bichon frise dog who comes over when they visit for dinner from time to time. They get along fine. He leaves her alone, she leaves him alone. She watches him and seems to do well around him. He is quite old and blind so I think he’s concerned with other things than chasing a cat around.

She has adjusted to our 6 year old daughter who loves to pick her up, pet her and give Jackie her daily treat in the evenings. She gets along well with everyone in the family and enjoys all the toys she got for Christmas. She has found her spots in the house. The cat tree near the big window overlooking our backyard, our daughter’s plush rug, and the basket of blankets you’ll see in the pictures. She did get a little overzealous with our house plants but we’re learning how to keep her from biting the leaves off.

All in all we’ve been very happy with her as an addition to our family. She is a sweetheart and provides lots of amusement. She has brought us a lot of joy!