Guinness is the BEST boy EVER!! We are so in love with him. Basically our life revolves around him now, ha! When we brought him home he hid under the bed for 30 minutes and then came out for cuddles, made biscuits on our bed, snuggled on the couch, and found his litter box right away! No other animals in our house besides my dwarf hamster so he is so so spoiled. . . . Guinness loves to bird watch, his favorite toy is a sloth, he loves chasing around an ice cube when we make our iced coffees in the morning, comes running every time we run the sink to attack the water, loves head massages, and cuddles on our chests during movie nights. We can’t even picture our lives before Guinness! Whenever we come home from going out, he comes running to the door to greet us with a big stretch and rubs his head on our legs. We always joke that he’s a dog in cat form!! We’ve had people over and he loves everyone he meets. Everyone always comments on his beautiful eyes and sweet demeanor. I don’t think he has one mean bone in his body. Even when he play fights with my husband he is SO gentle. We adore him!!