Greta is a delight…most of the time.  Her favorite pastime is sitting on her staircase inside our downstairs back door, watching the birds, squirrels and chipmunks eat at our feeders outside.  She also loves to jump and is extremely agile.  She can jump from the floor to a 4 or 5 foot table, shelf, dresser without any effort.  She loves to knock things off, which demonstrates that she is still a kitten and likes to make mischief!  Greta is sweet, affectionate, and has velvet soft fur.  We adore her, especially when she’s well- behaved!

We had adopted  Wes (aka Wesley Crusher) from Animal Haven in 2020.  He was a strange and wonderful cat.  We lost him very suddenly in October when he became acutely ill. We were devastated.  Greta has brought new joy into our home and has eased our grief tremendously.  We are grateful to Animal Haven for bringing both Wesley and Greta into our lives!