Graham is adjusting well! He’s very affectionate and loves to be by our side. If we are sitting down, he’s either right next to one of us or on our laps. One of the funny things that he does is after I feed him and take him out in the morning, he quickly runs up the stairs to the bedroom where Gary is usually still sleeping. He jumps on the bed, licks him and then jumps down and comes right back downstairs to get a treat. It’s like he says good morning. It’s really cute.

He’s very playful and loves attention. Our sons love him and he’s a great fit within our family. He’s a happy boy, always looking to play or get pets.

We have another dog, Clyde, who is an older pug. They get along. Clyde is a little older and slower, but it almost seems like Graham gives him a burst of energy at times. There have been a few times where I think Graham might have been a little too energetic for Clyde and in those cases, Clyde typically goes to take a nap, but Clyde is a big fan of naps. Clyde has been helpful in teaching Graham a few tricks. When teaching Graham how to give his paw and lay down, Clyde was right by his side doing it and I think it helped Graham pick it up more quickly. We are still working on teaching a few more.