Gracie and Bella

I learned of these two pups thru one of your volunteers and decided to come meet them. Gracie is a Pom mix and her hair was so long and creamy nice, like a drama queen. She has big brown eyes and blond eye lashes. Bella, on the other hand, is wirey and long legged, looking like a mix of several terriers with a touch of something special. She has small dark eyes that hold a gaze, and shout out, “I am smart.” They are 15 and 10 years old, and bonded to each other.I lost my 2 Yorkies last year, and then my husband.

I walk them 7 times a day with the bedtime walk the shortest. They both are solidly in a routine now and , I swear they wear watches and let me know when it is walk time or dinner time, or play time. Note that I carry Gracie up and down our 14 step entrance stairs, but she only weighs 8 lbs. I recently had her groomed and now instead of a mop, she looks like a teddy bear…very cute!

Both pups love to sleep with me, but roam a little visiting the cat room, or my daughter’s bed.They love treats, of course. Both keep tabs on me and spazz out a little when I leave for errands. 

I truly love these pups and am so glad that I could give them a home. Thanks to the staff and volunteers who make adoption possible.