Gingerbread is doing great! I couldn’t have asked for a better cat!! I kept her name (but call her Gingie as a nickname) and she settled in very quick! She’s currently princess of the home as the only pet, and still has lots of mischievous kitten energy to let out. She has to follow me from room to room and when I’m in the kitchen she has to know everything that I’m doing and why I won’t give her the chicken she clearly smells haha! She’s become chatty and has started greeting me as I come home with big purrs and “oh you’re back!” meows and chirps. Her favorite toy is a purple raccoon catnip toy that she brings up and down the stairs, and a wand string toy is always a favorite. If I’m sitting she’ll happily plop herself in my lap or climb up as close to my face as she can get without suffocating me. If she’s not asleep in my lap she’s either on a cat bed, or the bean bag chair upstairs. She’s quite the snuggler, and head scratchies are still her absolute favorite. . . . She’s been an absolute joy to have and I can already tell that she’s getting so big since first seeing her. She’s such a good girl and I love her sososo much!