Frodo (from Lord of the Rings) seems to be adjusting really well to his new home.  He’s very playful, is getting along really well with our existing cat Jaime, and is very sweet and gentle with our two children.  He seems to be happy! . . . We adopted Frodo because our existing cat Jaime has always had a playmate, and we had to put down his companion Tywin early in 2022.  Our vet convinced us to not wait too long to get a companion, so we found Frodo on Pet Finder and reached out about adopting him.  When we met him we were immediately drawn to him.  He was very friendly, gentle with our children, and had been sitting at the shelter for a number of weeks alone!  We knew right away he’d be the perfect companion for Jaime.  We brought him home and kept the two of them separated for about 5 days.  On day 6 we decided to introduce them, and they basically got along right away!  Essentially no hissing from Jaime, and Frodo couldn’t care less that there was an older dominant cat in the house!  Now the two of them play together all the time, share each others food and water, and generally get along great.  Frodo is very affectionate and has the loudest purr when you pet his ears and head.  He’s not very cuddly on the bed or in your lap, but we hope he gets there one day.  The main thing is he seems to be happy, healthy, and enjoying his new home!