Finley the Floofy Night Dragon

Finley the Floofy Night Dragon has 2 kitty siblings also adopted from Animal Haven, Gigi the Gorgeous Kitty Supermeowdel (fluffy tabby) and Merlin the Magical House Panther (a sleek black Bombay mix )

Merlin & Finley immediately became best friends and are always together. They play, eat & snuggle together. I adopted Finley  because I felt that Merlin needed a brother to play with. He just has so much love to give.

Finley loves to play with laser light toys, cat wands, crinkly balls and little cat nip toys.  Finley also loves to climb onto the kitchen table, dining room table and the fireplace mantle. He falls asleep there too.

Finley loves to give kisses and bite my nose lightly in the morning. Finley follows Gigi around a lot too but she’s not always thrilled with his presence.

Finley constantly purrs and loves to snuggle, he makes Merlin so happy. They run around the house constantly. Merlin & Finley sleep next to me at night. Gigi sleeps on the computer chair in my room.

All of the kitties have a ton of cat toys, cat beds & boxes scattered throughout the house.

I am so happy & grateful to be their human mom! They bring so much joy to my life.