I trapped Eloise with Animal Haven volunteer Amelia this summer, along with some of Eloise’s siblings and mother. While I live a few doors down from where she was trapped, she is certainly in a different world as an indoor cat! She likes to play fetch with her small toys, letting out a soft battle cry when excited. She has grown very quickly to be now 8.5 lbs; she is now 8 months old. She likes to make biscuits on pillows and blankets. She is still shy around other humans, as in when I have a friend over. A neighbor had told me some local kids chased her up a tree for a few days when she was a kitten, so this shyness makes sense. The vet isn’t concerned about this at this time as she is still developing. But she is an absolute ham when it’s just us at home. Her older sister is Noir, who is 13 years old. They had time to get adjusted to each other as Eloise was secluded in a crate and playpen for a few weeks while being treated for potential giardia. Eloise is very much the little sister, gently chasing Noir and always wanting to smell her. Whenever Noir shows a sign of displeasure or invasion of personal space, Eloise just flops over to diffuse the tension. She is teaching Noir how to be more a cat as Noir has been my little shadow copycat her whole life, having only lived with other cats once before. I usually have to facilitate play so they both feel included; they are not the types of cat to roll around together, etc.