Crouton is doing well and has gotten strong and gained confidence. He has no problems with stairs, jumping on the couch, and jumping on the beds. He sleeps with us and loves eating. He eats super fast so we got him a slow feeder which helps him eat at a more reasonable speed so he actually chews and doesn’t just swallow his food. We usually put his food half in this and half in a normal bowl. He likes playing with the slow feeder, scooping the food out, and then chasing it around! He also loves sitting on our chests and heads. He’ll just prance on over to the couch, plop on one of us, and just fall right asleep.

We have one other 4 year old cat named Willow. We did a slow introduction over a few weeks and it seemed to pay off. They’re not best friends yet but they’re working on it. Willow is pretty calm and occasionally just wants to take a nap instead of playing but there’s no aggression on either end.

When we adopted him we bought a small set of stairs and boxes to work with him on building his strength and confidence. It took a few weeks of training but it seemed to have been good for him as he now has no issues going up and down the stairs in the house as well as jumping on the beds and couches. Some things are still a little too tall for him but we’re sure it won’t be an issue as he gets older.

He sleeps with us most nights and when he doesn’t he’s always jumping on the bed at the first sound of us waking up in the morning. He’s also full of energy and follows us around the house always wanting to be where we or his sister are. Lately he’s been experimenting with water and he may end up being the first cat we have had that actually likes it. The other morning he just jumped right into the shower and splashed around!

Crouton has been a wonderful addition to our family and we already love him so much.