We love Conway. My husband named him for a country music legend. Sigh. Conway is adjusting pretty well but has some guarding issues — of me, now that I am on crutches after fracturing my foot. We’re working with a trainer on this and basic obedience. Conway has shown mixed reactions to other dogs, particularly Trooper, our daughter’s Maltese who spends a lot of time here and had established himself as Alpha. It was difficult the first time Trooper came home to find Conway here. We don’t leave the dogs unsupervised and anticipate/hope for more progress in their relationship once Olivia and Trooper return home this summer for several months if not longer. Again, we are working with the trainer on this. 
I’ve also scheduled Conway for group training but that’s on hold until I’m off crutches.  . . . We will always be grateful to Animal Haven and especially our favorite volunteer, Carly Whitmer — our daughter:-). She quickly bonded with Ares and thought he’d be a good fit for/with us. Her dad always wanted a GSD named Conway, and we were dog-free at the time. Long story short, we adopted Conway and are quickly learning all the joys and challenges of having an energetic love bug who hasn’t quite figured out he’s not a lap dog.