Cinnamon Chai and Watley Cannoli

Both of them ended up with two names because we couldn’t decide. Egypt is now Watley Cannoli, and Cinnamon Bun is Cinnamon Chai. Both names are used pretty interchangeably, although we use silly nicknames pretty often as well.

They have both been adjusting really well. We were prepared for them to spend a long time getting comfortable, but they made themselves at home within days of arriving. Cinnamon loves having room to run around and play (feather toys are her favorite), and Cannoli loves napping in sunbeams and birdwatching from our bed. His favorite toys are his sparkly pom pom balls – he loves batting them around the apartment and carrying them around in his mouth. Both cats are super sweet and cuddly and are starting to show us more and more personality as time goes on.

We don’t have any other animals in the home, so these two have the place to themselves. They play well with each other, and Cannoli mostly tolerates Cinnamon’s leftover kitten energy. Sometimes she comes on a bit too strong, but he’s good about correcting her when he’s not in the mood to engage, and we try to keep her from bothering him too much when he’s resting. They groom each other and nap next to each other fairly often.

On one of the cats’ first nights with us, Cinnamon climbed up my leg and onto my shoulders. As soon as we tried to take a picture of her up there, she started sneezing and almost fell off. The last picture here is the one we caught of her mid-sneeze. We have a lot of cute pictures of her, but this silly one is one of our favorites.

Our favorite thing about Cannoli is his habit of headbutting us when he wants attention. Does he wake us up that way early in the morning? Sometimes, but he’s so cute I can’t be mad about it. He deserves all of the love he asks for and more.

Thank you again for checking in! We love both of these cats so much and are so grateful to have them as a part of our family.