Chipmunk is doing great! I absolutely love him. . . . Chipmunk’s name is perfect! I have a variety of fun nicknames as well: Chippy, Chip, Chipotle, Chips and dip, Fish and Chips, Chipper Jones . . . list goes on. I have been volunteering at Animal Haven for a few years now and have grown to love so many of the cats there. Due to the nature of my work for some time, I didn’t feel it was fair to adopt when I was traveling and gone so much. With my job change and working from home, I finally felt like it was possible. I noticed Chippy when I cleaned the room he was in one day and thought he was the cutest thing. A couple weeks went by and I thought about him all the time and knew if I didnt say something I would lose my chance!  And about a week later he was making bread on my bed. I refer to him as my son. I’m sure it sounds silly to people, but I really view him that way. He might have lost his tail, but he is absolutely perfect to me!