Thumper and Queen Boombalatti of Branford

Thumper (formerly Charlotte at The Animal Haven) and Queen Boombalatti of Branford (formerly Sarabi at The Animal Haven) are all settled in. They are so sweet and loving; you can tell they came from a very good home.  I wish we could let their former owners know that the girls are safe and very much loved!

We think they have lost a little weight, as we live in a multi-level house and they are now able to run up the stairs! When we first got them they just sort of waddled up and down.  I think they’re feeling a little more frisky; they come up and want to be played with much more often.

My husband and I are so in love with these kitties, and I think they return our affection.

We are so grateful to you at the shelter for giving them such a caring home until the four of us found each other!