Blair and Prue

Blair and Prue are doing great! We loved their names, my girlfriend is very into spooky things so we appreciated that they were named after witches because of the time of year they came into the shelter. We have a male cat named Alfie who’s a big boy.  We were confident that even though we’d had Alfie ~2 years and he was always the only cat in the house he would welcome some new friends, and he did. We immediately saw that he wanted to play with them, not fight them. He and Prue very quickly started sleeping together and cleaning each other, Blair took a little bit longer (we suspect part of it had to do with Blair’s illness and her overall mood). They eat like vacuums, and we’ve been in close contact with Taylor at the shelter to help with the recurring giardia they both had. Blair had another issue I can’t remember the name of (starts with a T) but the medicine you guys gave us seems to have helped a lot. . . . Overall they are great. We love them, they adjusted to our house incredibly well and have made it home. They sleep with us, always want to play… They’re awesome.