Becky is one of the most unusual and special cats I have ever owned….as I am a senior…that includes so many over the years!  She is an alpha cat.  Our rascal dog used to chase her but now she chases him and dominates him. She is what I call a “house wrecker” and I say that in a fond way.  No space is safe from her.  Highest points in our lovely home have been perched upon by her.  Nothing deters her…..even sticky tape.  She is so delightful with a loving and mischievous personality.  She has a feathered toy that she carries around the house and she always knows where it is. . . . Becky is a blessing to us. Another fun thing Becky does is at night when our monster dog (the one she chases) joins us to sleep on our bed for the night, Becky goes into his crate for her night’s sleep.  Yes, she gets the last word!