Artemis and Orion

Artemis and Orion are very well settled and have plenty of places they love to snuggle and nap – their new favorite being under the Christmas tree. They like to hang out with my husband or I during the workday. They’ve got lots of toys but their favorite is one particular teaser wand that they go jump so high in the air and do acrobatics to catch. They also drag it all over the house at night so we never know where we will find it next.

We have 2 dogs (Australian shepherds). It took some time where the cats didn’t want to be near the dogs but after just a couple weeks they trusted them. Now they will all hang out in the same room together and lay on the same couch. They don’t interact too much but Artemis will sometimes play with one of the dogs, mostly the dogs and cats just give each other some space. Occasionally the dogs will try to herd the cats – breed trait, but they listen when I tell them to stop.

They both have a ton of kitten energy and are very healthy.