Are you ready to welcome a loving companion to your home?

A new pet will bring many changes into your life. See the checklist below to make sure that you are ready.

Why do you want a new pet?

You should not adopt a pet without much thought and consideration.  Take your time thinking it through.  Never adopt on impulse.

Are you ready to make this BIG commitment?

Carefully consider the commitment you are making to ensure that your new pet will receive the love and care he or she needs for his or her entire life.

All on board?

Are all the members of your family on board to welcome a new pet?

Is it in the budget?

Over your pet's lifetime, the cost of ownership can be high.  We advise that you budget $1,500 to $2,000 per year for routine expenses.

Are you allergic?

Consider potential allergies of all family members.

Special challenges?

Housebreaking your pet (and litter box training) can take time, patience, and compassion.  You might also experience damage to rugs and other property.  Are you sure you can accept this?  Additionally, medical issues are common during the life of a pet.  Make sure you have the time and the resources to tackle these issues.

Are there rules regarding pets where you live?

Many rental properties and condo/co-ops have special requirements.  Inquire about size, breed, and training restrictions.  Are additional deposits required for having a pet?  Be sure to get the policy in writing.  Also, if you own your own home, check your homeowner's insurance for any dog breed restrictions.

Which is the right pet for your home?

For instance, if you are adopting a dog and you live in an apartment complex, a howling beagle probably is not the right choice.  Or, If you have birds or other roaming small critters, a cat in all likelihood is not the right choice for your home.

Do you have the right lifestyle?

Are you about to move?  Do you travel for work?  Will a promotion or new job change your availability?  Make sure these matters are settled before you adopt.

Are you about to have a baby?

This might not be the best time to integrate a new pet into your home.

What do you do when you travel?

Can you take your pet along?  Do you have friends or family nearby who can pet sit?  Are there reliable kennels or pet sitting services?  Research your options before you adopt.

Is your home pet proof?

Make sure your home is safe for your new pet.  Identify and securely store poisonous chemicals and detergents.  Small objects can prove hazardous; secure desk supplies (including paper clips and rubber bands).  Assure all food is properly stored and inaccessible (for instance, chocolate, grapes and raisins can prove deadly for pets).  Even children's toys with small parts can be dangerous. Many plants are poisonous; for example, poinsettias, spider plants, and lilies can be deadly.

What local laws and regulations should you follow?

Follow all rabies and vaccination requirements for your pet as well as all licensing and leash laws if you adopt a dog. 

Now that you have taken everything into consideration, you are ready to adopt.  Come to The Animal Haven to meet potential new companions.  Our staff can help you make the right choice.  They can also review all of your pet's needs, including health issues, behaviors, and grooming requirements.