Amado and Zuzu

Amado and Zuzu are thriving and getting so big! Within a couple of weeks of coming home, they were able to wander about the apartment for longer and longer amounts of time until by week 3, all three cats were regularly hanging out together. Zuzu would trill and swat at Ipo, who would chase her and then she’d chase him. Ipo and Amado took longer to warm up to each other, maybe because Amado plays rougher than Zuzu, or maybe bc Amado showed lots of interest in Ipo’s food. 

They each get fed their age-appropriate foods at the same time in the same room, and that has helped. Ipo, their big brother, cleans them and plays with them, and also lets them know when he’s had enough. Then he stakes out the back of one sofa or “his [other] spot” on the sectional, and then they’ll often leave him alone. One time Amado tried taking Ipo’s spot (it was sunny) before Ipo got there, and Ipo scooped him right off the sectional. Amado seemed surprised. I keep telling Ipo he’s got to make nice with Amado, bc it seems clear Amado is going to be a big guy. 

The way things go usually on any given day, Zuzu trills and squeaks to summon both of her brothers, and they mostly obey her. She’s the mastermind who figured out all the treat puzzles, so she’s made friends. Both Amado and Zuzu regularly spend the afternoon cuddling with each other, Ipo or me. Zuzu likes to sleep cradled in my arms after walking around my shoulders and fixing my hair, and Amado likes to get beside me anywhere I go. I’ve learned to walk with my feet relatively wide apart and slowly, as both kittens have a tendency to try to rush everywhere between my feet. 

For play times, Amado’s favorite toy is the cat dancer, and Zuzu’s is anything that is shaped like a mouse. She loves to run off with them, even the ones attached to rods, and the boys will chase the rod. She has secret stashes for her toys in two parts of the house. Both kittens are also crazy about catnip. It took them almost 5 weeks to much the catnip out of the window planter (inside for the winter), and all of 5 secs to start chewing on and kick scratching at the catnip banana their godmother sent. Ipo likes catnip but doesn’t go wild for it. He joined in the fun, regardless, but catnip seems to bring out dominant behavior in him, so , there won’t be lots of that in the future.