Andi is wonderful!! We kept her name as it seemed to fit her. She is very sweet and has adjusted so well. We kept her isolated from our 1 yr old cat Maya (also from Animal Haven) when she first came home until we could verify no parasites. She got a clean bill of health and then the fun started. 

She and Maya run (zoomies), wrestle, play hide & seek and chill together. She has a favorite wand toy that she carries around with her. It’s so funny to watch. They don’t yet snuggle together but they stay close by each other and they love the screened porch for bird watching and snoozing. 

She is a champ at eating! She impatiently waits for her meals everyday. I call her the Queen of the Trash can as that is where she chooses to sit and wait. She is growing nicely.🥰

We are so in love with her and she is the perfect partner in crime for Maya. She is definitely the little sister and her sweet disposition just makes her more loveable. She keeps up with Maya’s big sister attitude and gives her attitude right back to her in a sweet adorable way. 

We love them both so much!!