Honeysuckle is the perfect name for her! She’s adjusting very well to her new home and human/animal family. It’s just me and my husband in the house plus our other cat and a rabbit. She and the rabbit don’t interact and the cats are getting along about as well as we can hope! Not absolute best friends but definitely playful and curious. They still smell each other like they’re meeting for the first time and Honeysuckle likes to groom our first cat, Ivy, after they do this, lol. Honeysuckle also sleeps with us at night, mostly on my husband’s side since Ivy typically sleeps with me.

She has had 2 check-up vet visits and all is well! The two pictures with her in my husband’s lap are from the first night we took her home. She immediately wanted to cuddle and could not get close enough!! When we saw her in the shelter she seemed sad and we weren’t sure what her personality would be like but we have enjoyed watching her blossom. She loves watching the birds in the window cat bed, chasing our other cat around the house, playing with toys, and getting her beauty rest. We’re so happy she is part of our family!