Caternalia: A Disco Dance Party to Benefit The Animal Haven
Events / December 5th, 2018
Join us to dance the night away and raise money for The Animal Haven!  Lyric Hall, Westville, Saturday, December 15, 8-11 pm., 827 Whalley Ave., New Haven. Online tickets are $15 each, $20 at the door.  You can purchase your tickets online by clicking the button below.


National Pet Cancer Awareness Month
News / November 27th, 2018

Cancer is the cause of disease-related deaths in about fifty percent of our pets. November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and The Animal Haven would like to offer some helpful tips on prevention and treatment for your dog or cat. 


There are several things you can do to prevent cancer in your pet. “It’s important to spay your female cat or dog early, which is very effective in preventing mammary tumors, and to neuter your male pet to prevent prostate and testicular tumors,” says Dr. Arnie Cary, DVM, and board member of The Animal Haven.  If your animal is white or lightly colored, it may be prone to some forms of skin cancer.  As with humans, keeping those pets from long exposure to ultraviolent light in sunlight is a good prevention measure. There is some speculation that lawn chemicals may be carcinogenic to animals as well, so try to minimize their exposure, for example, to lawns that have been recently sprayed for weeds or pests.


Some dog breed...

Marina and Ruby are Ready for Adoption
Featured Pets / November 14th, 2018
These two lovely cats are ready to find their forever homes.
Black Cats Need Forever Homes Too: A WTNH Interview with Michelle and Linda
News / November 12th, 2018

The Animal Haven's shelter manager, Michelle Derosa, and president Linda Marino discuss the difficulty in adopting out black cats, and advise against giving animals as gifts. 
Papa Smurf and Wes are Ready to Go Home with You!
Featured Pets / November 4th, 2018
Please come to the shelter and check out these two lovely cats.